Current Recipients

2023 Apprenticeship Teams


[BLOOMINGTON, IN - FEB 17, 2023] -- Traditional Arts Indiana (TAI) is pleased to announce the awardees of the 2023 Apprenticeship Program. The TAI Apprenticeship Program supports the continuation of cultural practices in Indiana communities by funding several apprenticeship pairs each year, enabling apprentices to learn essential knowledge and skills in traditional art forms from master artists.

The TAI Apprenticeship Program supports traditional cultural expressions of a community or group. Examples might be making an object, playing a tune, or practicing a dance. Nevertheless, each creative practice is rooted in a community. It is “traditional” in that it entails skills, aesthetics, and values that are transmitted over time within a family, community, religious, or occupational setting.

Applicants were required to submit an application form, two letters of recommendation, and samples of their work. Applications were then sent out to a panel of cultural specialists where they evaluated based on the work and dedication of the master artist, the appropriateness of their selected apprentice, and the pair's connection to the community of practice from which their tradition comes.

Selected master artists will receive an honorarium of $3,000, with additional funds to cover the cost of apprenticeship materials and resources. Each master artist will host an apprentice formally for nine months. At the end of this period, apprenticeship pairs will showcase their traditional practices at a public event. There will be additional opportunities for master artists and apprentices to participate in future TAI events.

Traditional Arts Indiana is pleased to announce the 2023 TAI Apprenticeship Awardees (master artist listed first, followed by apprentice):

Sam Bartlett and Patrick Blackstone, Monroe County, Mandolin

Tony Dickerson and Verna Moore, Marion County, Quilting

Emily Guerrero and Avery Guerrero, Allen County, Día de los Muertos Culture and Traditions

Natalie Kravchuk and Gabriela Coolidge, Monroe County, Ukranian Pysanka Writing

Denzil McKim and Rebekah Carroll, Harrison County, Wood Chain Carving

Joe Rice and Matt Kenyon, Tipton and Marion Counties, Glass Blowing

Peggy Taylor and Taylor Burden, Posey and Spencer Counties, Weaving

Jannie Wyatt and Deatrix Chambers, Allen County, Quilting

Pi Hniang Ki and Anna Biak, Marion County, Chin Weaving

This program is supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Indiana Arts Commission, and Indiana University

Questions about the apprenticeship program or application process can be sent to TAI Director Dr. Jon Kay. Contact him via email at or office phone at (812) 855-0418.