For Folklorists

TAI Fieldwork

Conducting ethnographic fieldwork is an essential component of the work of state folklife programs. Traditional Arts Indiana is no exception, collecting interviews, video, and photographs that document regional folklife and creative practices, identify potential collaborators, and help build awareness of TAI’s programs.  

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Creative Aging Research

Traditional Arts Indiana’s creative aging work reflects our belief that traditional arts can be leveraged to improve the quality of life for older adults given these dire statistics. For 20 years, TAI has worked with communities and elders to document and share the traditional arts of our state; however, this is the first project to place folk arts and aging at the center of our work.

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Center for Rural Engagement Research

In 2018, Indiana University’s Bloomington Campus established the new the Center for Rural Engagement (CRE), which works to connects campus resources with communities in Southcentral Indiana. Traditional Arts Indiana (TAI) works with the CRE to host exhibitions, community programs, and develop resources based on the traditional arts of this region. Through support from the CRE, TAI is helping improve the lives Hoosiers through community-based traditions and local knowledge. 

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Fieldwork Guides

These fieldwork guides were produced by TAI with the intention of aiding anyone who would like some quick tips before going out to interview people about what they do. Topics such as equiptment setup, interview preparation, and photographic documentation are covered. 

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Folk Arts Podcast

The Beauty of Folk Arts Podcast features a number of TAI artists who are interviewed to discuss the history of their designated craft, techniques and materials behind their art form, and the signfiicance of their works.

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Traditional Arts Indiana is committed to serving the underserved. We welcome donations to support fieldwork among artists and communities, hold public programming, and do work about communities, for communities.

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